Presentation boards

Presentation boards within Industrial design are a vehicle for the delivery of a concise description of:

  • The product or service functional performance (satisfying need) and social/cultural coding (satisfying want).
  • The user, task and environment in which the product will be placed.
  • The background sources that have influenced the final design.
  • The development and decision-making process for the product or service from concept to realised detail design.

Current conventions for communication format include:

  • Plain, neutral/white background;
  • San Serif font
  • ‘Hero shot’ for product description, where one illustration is larger than others on the page;
  • Full illustrations, with floating text/log;
  • For UK/western reading styles, visual elements are ordered and prioritised ‘top down’ and ‘right to left’.

Useful links

Powell, D., 1990. Presentation Techniques: A Guide to Drawing and Presenting Design Ideas, Little Brown, London.