Mental model-Mind mapping

Mind-mapping is the characterisation of a target market and the context within which products or services to be purchased as a map. For the purposes AT product industrial design, the starting point for the brainstorming of a contextual map is the user, task and environment (UTE).

Although the map may not be comprehensive, it externalises the points known and may highlight deficiencies in knowledge about the target market. It also allows the new product development team or other stakeholders to discuss and add to the designer’s original map.

A ‘UTE mind-map’ of the factors concerning the redesign of a powered wheelchair for a young woman with cerebral palsy. (Torrens 2011)

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Torrens, GE (2011) Universal Design: empathy and affinity. In Karwowski, W, Soares, M, M, Stanton, A, N, Eds, (ed) Handbook of Human Factors and Ergonomics in Consumer Products, CRC Press, pp.233-248 Available at: (, Accessed: [23/09/015]